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Paris Quotes

No flying machine will ever fly from New York to Paris. 
Orville Wright

An artist has no home in Europe except in Paris. 
Friedrich Nietzsche

My dream date is a tall, dark, handsome, blue eyed man with a bubble butt who will whisk me away to Paris in a hot air balloon to wine me, dine me and. 
Karen McDougal

If you ask the great city, ‘Who is this person?,’ she will answer, ‘He is my child.
Victor Hugo

When good Americans die, they go to Paris,' the ghost said, after taking a drag on a small cigarette.
Karen Chance

Paris is a place in which we can forget ourselves, reinvent, expunge the dead weight of our past.
Michael Simkins

I like The Eiffel Tower because it looks like steel and lace.
Natalie Lloyd

Mine was the twilight and the morning. Mine was a world of rooftops and love songs.
Roman Payne

Cities have sexes: London is a man, Paris a woman, and New York a well-adjusted transsexual.
Angela Carter

Paris is the only city in the world where starving to death is still considered an art.
Carlos Ruiz Zafón

It's always been a luxury to be able to hop a plane to Paris, to Venice, to the Grand Canyon. 
Nancy Gibbs

I should add that I very much enjoy certain cities especially Paris, New York and Chicago. 
Jim Harrison

America is my country and Paris is my hometown. 
Gertrude Stein

My mom loved fashion. We loved to travel and go to Italy and Paris. 
Melania Trump

In Paris, you're as far as possible from the land of pleasant smiles. 
Kanye West

Paris is mostly retired people - I love it, and it's a beautiful city, but it's quite slow. Carine Roitfeld

Paris is beautiful, but nothing beats home. 
Patrick Chan

I was to Japanese visitors to Washington what the Mona Lisa is to Americans visiting Paris. 
John C. Danforth

I am the man who accompanied Jacqueline Kennedy to Paris, and I have enjoyed it. John F. Kennedy

I have been back in Paris for two weeks. Nothing new. Life is still bitter. 
Camille Claudel

I've been to Paris France and I've been to Paris Paramount. Paris Paramount is better.
Ernst Lubitsch

The art galleries of Paris contain the finest collection of frames I ever saw. 
Humphry Davy

I was the first Indian model to have a career in Paris, Milan and New York. 
Padma Lakshmi


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